SSP Just Train

What is Just Train? Just Train is a movement, an initiative, a campaign, developed and driven by SSP. It is an idea or the motivation to get better at something. To set a goal and to go after it. There are many incredible campaigns to get people moving and live a healthier more active life. Just Train agrees but wants more. Just Train wants you to finds something you are passionate about. Just Train wants to improve your community. Just Train wants to become your way of life, help motivate and drive you. Jut Train wants to build a relationship with you and help you build relationships with others through that fundamental concept of getting better. Just Train will hold you accountable, while helping you hold others accountable. Just Train is a role model for everyone.

Just Train wants you to drive for more than leisure. Just Train wants you to set training days, times, locations and an environment. Regardless of your goal, getting better requires these accountabilities.
SSP wants you to Just Train. Our first goal is to positively influence this already active community of Baldwin Park.
This is a call to action! What is YOUR goal? Step one, define it; step two, achieve it; step three, repeats step’s one and two. Find the you you never knew.
The whole is only as good as its individual parts. Achieve your personal best, then out-best it.