The SSP Challenges below are to test your strength and endurance through a multitude of exercises. Some being only 60 seconds of work at a high intensity, others testing your stamina over a set period of time, and several completing multiple sets to reach new records, but each and every challenge will push you to your full potential and threshold. Keep an eye out for the newest records and see if you can get your name up there!


300’S :60 BURPEE’S :60 ROPE SLAM
Male Leader Male Leader Male Leader
Jason Bristol Jason Bristol Blank
0:52 28 Blank
1/6/2014 12/13/13 Blank
Female Leader Female Leader Female Leader
Rachel Jakubowski Rachel Jakubowski Blank
1:02 23 Blank
12/18/13 12/13/13 Blank

Male Leader Male Leader Male Leader
Ryan Tindal Ryan Tindal Jason Bristol
9 5:29 4:33
Female Leader Female Leader Female Leader
Blank Rachel Jakubowski Blank
Blank 6:26 Blank
Blank 12/12/13 Blank

Male Leader Male Leader Male Leader
Ryan Tindal Jason Bristol Jason Bristol
13:02 14:40 11:01
12/18/13 12/17/13 12/18/13
Female Leader Female Leader Female Leader
Mary Barton Blank Kelli-Ann Metropulos
17:18 Blank 18:07
12/18/13 Blank 12/13/13
High Intensity
Higher. Faster. Fitter. Better. These tests were designed to last approximately :60 and make you work harder than you ever have in 1 minute. Good Luck!
300’s – Dig deep and take on a conditioning test. A shuttle of 25 yards. Down-back is 1, you have 6 as fast as possible. Just the foot has to touch the line.
:60 Burpee’s – As many as you can. Chest touches the ground, torso must be vertical with a clap overhead. It burns so good.
:60 Rope Slam – Be angry for 1 minute, and throw the ropes as quick as possible. Ropes must make contact with ground and required height.

Performance Threshold
These tests push you to the edge of your anaerobic limits and lactate threshold. There is nothing comfortable or enjoyable about these 2-5 minute challenges except VICTORY!
MIND GYM – It’s you against the clock. Perform 5 Squat-to-Press and 10 Rope Slams and get though it as many times as possible in 5 minutes. Get your mind right.
THE CLIMB – It only gets harder the more you do. Muscle Ups 1-10 with a rope sled pull. Get to the top first, survival of the fittest.
RURAL RUN – Very simple, carry heavy weight and run fast. A farmers carry combined with a 200m sprint for 4 sets. Fastest wins.
Aerobic Power
You have to love pain for these challenges. They are anything but short and sweet. Created with endurance in mind, they push you to the limits of sustained effort. If you want to be a leader here, NO BREAKS!
TWO-EIGHTY – Yes. That is a total of 280 reps divided up amongst Pull Ups, Front Squats, Box Jumps, KB Swings, Burpees, DB Snatchs and Sit Ups. And when you think you’re done, you do it all over again.
FUN RUN – Just you and your thoughts. Run 1 mile, complete 100 overhead presses, and then run another mile.
STRENGTH 5.0 – Full body endurance. Bench Press, Deadlift to High Pull and a 400 meter run. 5 Sets of complete exhaustion.