Jaki-Hitzelberger-Sports-Psychology Jaki Hitzelberger, MA, MGCP

Sports Psychology expert Jaki Hitzelberger specializes in mental training for athletes. She is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and is the director of Soccer Psychology at Peak Performance Sports. She joined Peak Performance Sports’ team in the summer of 2011. She participated as a scholarship athlete at The University of Florida and Rollins College for the women’s soccer team. She works with high school, college, and professional athletes to improve their confidence, focus, and other mental game challenges that block success.

Jaki has extensive experience working with youth, high school, and professional athletes. She facilitated both individual and group mental training sessions for the athletic department at the University of Central Florida, Rollins College, and other major clubs and academies in the country.

In addition, Jaki has a B.A. in psychology and a Masters in Counseling from Rollins College. Jaki manages membership programs, assists in product development, and is the head of marketing and research for Peak Performance Sports.

Jaki is available for one-on-one mental training in person or from anywhere in the world via Skype or phone.

Email: Jaki.Hitz@gmail.com
Phone: 352-279-3028