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Whether you are trying to run a half or full marathon, compete in triathlons, play in social or adult leagues like tennis, softball, soccer, flag football, etc., we have a program designed for you. Our team of sports performance specialists will design a program that helps you improve your balance and stability, increase range of motion, and train you with the same scientific principles we utilize to work with our elite level athletes. We can assist in your preparation to continue thriving in your sport, or help you prepare for a new adventure.

Dear SSP, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the past two years and what I anticipate will be many more to come.

I have worked out all my life and gone through many stages. From wrestling in college to triathlons in the 90’s to having kids and starting a business, my routines have had to change as a result of my schedule. Yet, not wanting to give into middle age, I strived to find a system that worked for me. Efficiency is what I needed.

After years at commercial gyms, I discovered personal trainers. I never thought I needed one but found they really pushed me on days I just wanted to go through the motions. However, personal trainers are fairly inflexible as they have only so many slots per week to offer and are VERY expensive. My business partner kept telling me about SSP. Truthfully, I discounted it as I thought I already had my “system”. But it wasn’t perfect as I described. I found myself having to adjust my work schedule to meet my trainer’s and spent more money for me and my family to train than I spent on my kids’ tuition. So I came in to give it a try.

I’m hooked and so is my whole family. We work out when we want, as often as we want at one quarter of what we once spent. But here is the best part. My workouts are by far, better than anything I have ever experienced. I have never done the same workout twice. Your trainers are the most credentialed in the business, and they are simply the best. Every one of them.

The result, I’m about 5 pounds heavier but much leaner. My cardio is through the roof. My wife can go pull-up for pull-up with me. My kids, who play basketball, volleyball and tennis are stronger and faster than most of their peers. Truly, this is a perfect answer for our quest for efficiency.

Congratulations on putting together the perfect model.

– John Riley and Family
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